Lost, Stolen or Damaged ID Card

Lost, Stolen or Damaged ID Card


  • Lost card charges: There is a charge of $35 effective July 1, 2022 for a lost photo ID card.  Payable by check or cash.  Payment by student account or payroll deduction may be possible based on your Harvard affiliation. 
    • Students reporting a lost card after the closing date of their final student account bill must pay by cash or check. Extension and Summer School students must also pay by cash or check. All other students may charge it to their student account.
  • Stolen card charges: ID Services will waive the replacement charge for a stolen ID card if a copy of a police report is presented that documents the ID card as one of the stolen items. Otherwise the same charges apply as for lost cards. 
  • Damaged card charges: There is no charge for replacement of cards damaged by normal wear and tear; however, the damaged card must be returned to the Campus Service Center and we must be able to determine that it is your current card. Otherwise, we must consider the card as lost and subject to the same replacement charges as lost cards. Do not throw away damaged cards.There is a replacement cost for cards that we determine are intentionally damaged (ex. hole punched in the card).
  • For your protection, once a card is replaced, it cannot be reactivated. If you find the original card and then lose the replacement, you cannot use that original card that was previously reported as lost. You will need to bring in the found card and get another replacement.

Everyone has the ability to disable their card (blocking all building clearances and access to meal plan and Crimson Cash) by using the “Lost Card” feature in the ID Card Web Application.

Where to replace your ID card:

  • Cards can be replaced at the Campus Service Center at Smith Campus Center, Room 807, Cambridge at any time during normal business hours. Your card will be reissued on the spot. The entire process takes less than 5 minutes.
  • The following Schools have additional locations for ID replacement:
    • Medical School, School of Public Health, and Dental School:
      • The Longwood ID Office 
    • Business School:
      •  HBS Operations at Shad Hall