ID Cards


REMINDER:  If you are experiencing any issues using your Harvard ID card on campus or elsewhere, please visit the Campus Service Center and our team will troubleshoot the issue.  If we find that we need to replace your card, we will ask you to trade in the ‘old’ card for a newly printed one at no charge.


Campus Service Center/ID Office hours are 9:00 a.m.-4:00 p.m. Monday-Friday (excluding University Holidays)

We cannot mail ID cards. Those working or studying remotely will receive their ID card when they come to campus.

ID Cards

The official Harvard ID card provides you, as a Harvard affiliate, the ability to visibly identify yourself while you are on campus and add functions to your card for authorized services.

Find an ID Card office nearest you.

Information for faculty, staff and students regarding the Harvard ID Card process.

How to replace a Lost, Damaged or Stolen ID card.

Has your ID card stopped working in access control systems or in Harvard systems? We can help you figure out the problem, then solve it.

University guidelines regarding the privacy and distribution of ID Card Photos.

Harvard University policy regarding Harvard ID cards. For more information about your rights and responsibilities when interacting with HUPD please go to: