Having Trouble with your ID Card?

Having Trouble with your ID Card?

Is your ID card malfunctioning?  Has the magnetic stripe, tap access or Crimson Cash stripe stopped working on your ID card?

Although we do not add privileges and accesses to your ID card, we can help identify whether the issue lies with the ID card itself or if it is an electronic access issue.  Please either give us a call at 617-496-7827 or come to the CSC.  We are here to help you to determine what is causing the problem.

To avoid an unnecessary trip to the Campus Service Center, there are some troubleshooting tips you can use beforehand that may resolve the issue:

Access control failure:   Contact the property manager of the building you are trying to access to confirm that you have active valid access to the property.  If you are a student living in residential housing, please contact Yard Operations at 617-495-1874 during weekday business hours.  If it is after hours and you are locked out, contact your proctor, resident dean, or resident advisor depending on here you live. Please attempt to contact them BEFORE you contact the HUPD at 617-495-1215 for assistance.

Library Access:  Contact the Harvard Library Access and Borrowing Office; email at hl_accessborrowing@harvard.edu or call (617) 495-4166

Crimson Cash:  Contact the Crimson Cash office at 617-496-6600.